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Proms, presentations, birthday parties, hen parties, red carpets, a wedding of a favorite friend. There are millions of special occasions! And a great variety of special occasion dresses in our collection: prom dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, airy, sparkling with open shoulders and backs. From the variety of our dresses you can choose beautiful combinations of different silhouettes, fabrics and colors. We take into account all wishes and tastes, and with us you can create your individual head-turning look.

When the time comes to think about prom, and, of course, a prom dress, a lot of efforts goes to finding a perfect look. Whether you’re going for a long empire gown like V16-14 or V16-39, a frothy party frock like V16-52 or V16-55, or something a little bit different, you’ll have more than enough options for the biggest night of the year.

There is a lot of choice for other occasions also. For the romantic nature we advise models V16-36, V16-44V16-49 and V16-57. Elegant black color, lace – an ideal black dress that every lady has to have. These are e.g. the short V16-26, and long V16-24, V16-28 dresses. And bridesmaids are not left without attention: we can offer for them V16-46V16-60 and V16-66 as the most appropriate models.