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In each wedding dresses collection of W-Dress there are absolutely different silhouettes, details and even colors in order to please every bride. The elegant wedding gowns give ladies the solemn and unique look. And if you want not just to be beautiful at your wedding, but to be the unique and the non-forgettable bride, you have to think to details your wedding look. These are your wedding hairstyle, makeup and many more. And we can help you to find your ideal wedding dress. At W-Dress bridal online shop you can find long and short, voluminous and sheath, white and colored, plain and adorned wedding dresses. Due to the different styles and designs, every bride can choose the perfect option that meets all her requirements and reflects her nature the best way. For example, a lace dress is for a romantic lady, a wedding dress with a wide opulent skirt and a pretty bow at the back is for a provocative nature, a silky sheath model is for an elegant and refined bride, and a vintage dress helps to emphasize ones' individuality.

Inspired by images of the 1920th our designers have created Zemmy, Lisette and Denny dresses that you can find in our Collection Gold. The Diamond Collection has a variety of looks from classic traditional tulle ball gowns like ZarinaGlorianna and Diora to modern wedding trousers’ suit Lorette. And if you are looking for such styles as boho, rustic and shabby-chic, you can search for the respective dresses in our Grace Collection.