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The concept of our shop is to offer to the global market the products that so far were sold on the limited geographic area. Now the internet blurs the boundaries and we are glad to provide the opportunity to every girl and a woman in any place of the globe (with decent logistic services) to buy a beautiful gown at affordable price.

We offer a top quality dresses of a unique design and with limited edition. Ordering from us you can be sure that a garment is not a cheap copy of a famous designer dress, but a genuine product of talented European designers and manufacturers, who dress women, and especially brides, for about 20 years already.

Our main products are affordable mid-end wedding gowns, wedding dresses, designer wedding dresses, bridal wedding dresses, and wedding fashion. We cooperate as with experienced, so with promising young designers creating the up-to-date collections for contemporary brides.

If you tend to a classic style we have white and ivory long wedding dresses. For a unique wedding dress check out our short wedding dresses, or dresses in different colors in our Special Occasion Dresses category, if you do not want to wear traditional white dress for your wedding. If you are looking for the hottest new trends check out our lace wedding dresses, fit and flare wedding dresses or mermaid wedding dresses. However, the classical A-line silhouette dresses and ball gowns are also widely represented in our collections. All of them you can find in Wedding Dresses category.

It is not only brides that we take care of with our assortment. We try to cover all the girls and ladies’ needs when it comes to events, fests and celebrations. Proms, presentations, birthday parties, hen parties, red carpets, a wedding of a favorite friend. There are millions of special occasions! And a great variety of special occasion dresses in our collection: prom dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, airy, sparkling, with open shoulders and backs. From the variety of our dresses you can choose beautiful combinations of different silhouettes, fabrics and colors. We take into account all wishes and tastes, and with us you can create your individual head-turning look.

And in order to complete your festive image, you can choose one or some of unique handmade accessories featured at w-dress.com in our Accessories category.

We hope to find our followers in all of the above mentioned categories. And we can guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied by choosing W-Dress!